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The A/V Room Demo Area
Demo Room
The A/V Room - Full surround sound home theater system
Full Surround Sound Home Theater System
Totem Tower Speakers
Totem Tower Speakers
Home Theater above fireplace
Home Theater above Fireplace
Home theater in wall
Home Theater Wall Installation

big plasma screen mounted in living rea

65" Reference Plasma screen mounted in corner of massive living area provides focus of this set up. Three Totem Mani-2 speakers specially mounted providing true high performance sound.

lcd panel mounted above door

An example of video distribution. A 26" LCD panel is mounted above the door in the jacuzzi room. A volume control can be seen next to the door, providing control of the multi-zone audio speakers mounted in the ceiling.

multizone sound system in kitchen, wall mounted keypad

A truely classic home is updated with the latest in multi-zone sound technology, which is made invisible in order to preserve the beauty of the old-style decor.


living area custom designed home theater with plasma panel

The custom woodwork was specially designed around the size of the selected plasma panel, making for a true custom-designed home theater.

THX Certified
  ISF Certified

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